I started my fitness journey about two years ago.  I’ve been the person who starts and never finishes her fitness goals. It’s been tough; going back to old habits, pressure to look a certain way, and not eating regularly made it hard to stay on track to reaching my goal.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on supplements and products that I thought would aid in my journey, until I watched Remi Ashten’s fitness vlogs, and she mentioned Alnai Nu.  I went to my local GNC store and purchased the pre-workout and BCAA supplements.

I gave it a try and I am hooked! They have become apart of my workout routine. At first I was iffy, but what doesn’t hurt might not kill you. I take the per-workout 20 minutes before heading to the gym and the BCAA immediately after my session.


Maximizes your workout. The formula is balanced and perfected with no fillers, and contain L-Theanine to prevent the workout crash. My favorite flavor is Rainbow Candy, well the only flavor I choose to buy. Depending on your tolerance level, you do get jitters for about 5 minutes, but the amped up energy during your workout is worth it.


If you’re like me and don’t stretch after working out and feel sore for about 3 days, this is for you! the BCAA helps support muscle recovery and is packed with aminos to help in workout recovery.

Each product values for $39.99 and lasts for about a month. 

Hope this helps with your fitness journey!


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