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There’s been a wave in the beauty industry with having the option of having cleaner products. I’ve been seeing a surge of Farmacy Beauty products and some of my followers rave about the company, so I decided to try out the Freshen Up all-natural deodorant stick; the product claims the following:

  • Provide aa triple detox 
  • Brightens the underarm
  • Cool + clear
  • Aluminum-free 

I’ve been using the deodorant for a couple about two months now, and I can say this is deodorant gives me mixed feelings. When I first started using it, it would sting and when I would sweat, I can definitely smell my foul odor. As time progressed, the stinging stopped but I do have to reapply product once I start to sweat.

P.S: when your underarms smell, it’s your body’s way of detoxifying itself.

Final thoughts…… It’s okay, since I’m home it doesn’t bother me that I have to reapply the product. If you’re looking for a natural deodorant then I do recommend.


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