Photo Credit: Miami New Times

It was one of those days where my sushi cravings kicked in; so on Saturday, I decided to visit Shokudo By World Resources Cafe in Little Haiti and have lunch; when I walked into the Japanese restaurant, I was taken aback by the calm atmosphere. 

First up was the Crunchy Sushi with crispy rice, spicy tuna, and truffle eel sauce, and the Crispy Wonton Roll with garlic aioli, tuna, cucumber, scallions, shisho, crunch, and avocado top.

Then, we indulged in the Mango Roll with salmon, fresh mango, tempura flakes, cream cheese, avocado, and soy paper, and the Crab Fried Rice with lump blue crab, avocado, tomato [there was too much tomato] , scallion, and an egg.

Finally, we ended our meal with Strawberry Mochi and the Oreo Sushi Roll.

Shokudo Miami is located on 4740 NE 2nd Ave.


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